Thursday, April 29, 2010

You and Eye Might Have a Problem

Brainslip's Rules for Eye Contact in Select Metropolitan Areas

1. Houston: 8 seconds tops. Mandatory behind-the-shoulder look after contact is broken.
2. Boston: 1.5 seconds minimum. Customary to tilt head slightly and to scratch neck during contact.
3. Greenville: no eye contact allowed. Head nod to friends, lip tightening to enemies.
4. Sarasota: 1 second followed by prolonged blink.
5. Reno: 7 seconds. No other restrictions.
6. Baltimore: rapid blinking for 3 seconds. Hands in pockets.
7. Tacoma: no minimum or maximum as long as cellphone conversation is in progress.
8. Boulder: 2 seconds maximum. Customary to cover left side of face with hand, tilt head downward, & create small viewing hole between fingers.
9. Kansas City: 6 seconds minimum while right eye twitches.
10. Portland (ME): contact prohibited. Look ahead & wave with flattened right hand for 0.5 seconds.

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