Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Come on, Even TriBeCha is Better: Alternative Name Suggestions for the Mission, South of Chavez

TriBeCha - The obvious NYC knockoff, aptly describing the various triangles formed below Chavez between Mission and Guerrero (or Dolores).

NoJo ("noho") - Area in the vicinity of gap found on San Jose Ave between 27th St and 26th St (owned by the Salvation Army) where no pedestrian or vehicular passage is permitted.

Double Army - Area in proximity to the intersection of the Salvation Army and Chavez St (Army St).

TriCirRoc - El Triangulo Circa Roccapulco.

ValEndcia - End of Valencia.

The 45 - Area where Mission St abruptly heads southwest at 45 degrees.

The Ramp - Area bounded by Mission St, Dolores St & 24th St, resembling a ramp shape.

SoQuart ("soquart" or "squart") - Area south of what locals refer to as "the quarter" (25th St).

BurgerBell - Area where two fast food giants once intersected, Valencia St & Mission St.

TerMinission - Area of termination for many streets commonly thought of as being in the Mission.


  1. I like "Pythagoria" in honor of the man who knew so much about triangles ...

  2. WE (bf and I) live here! We call it The Tiffany Triangle. I used to live in the Duboce Triangle, so this name came naturally to me. I think it's perfect because this is the only place in town with a street called Tiffany, and there is a distinct triangle (formed by Mission, Dolores, and Cesar Chavez) surrounding it.

  3. BTW, I haven't seen anyone mention this "TRANSMISSION" neighborhood that is labeled and shown in sky-blue color on the map image above!