Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michael and Me

I remember Michael and I miss him dearly. We had some amazing times at the Ranch. I was driving to Gelson's today and got thinking about one afternoon up there. It was a hot day and we decided to go horseback riding. We froze our Ssips juiceboxes so they'd still be cold when it was time to drink them. Michael let me borrow some shorts because my parents refused to let me wear shorts out of the house. A half hour into the ride we stopped for a minute. Michael saw some acorns and just had to stop and collect them. I snacked on my Triscuits and waited patiently. A noisy jet was overhead and I was following him with my binoculars. All of the sudden I heard a scream and turned around. Michael was on the ground. His leg was swelling up. It looked like 1,000 bees stung him. Michael never told me he was allergic to bees. McCauley, get the epinephrine from the saddle, he shouted. I ran over and found the shot and began to pull Michael's pants down. No, not in the butt, in the thigh, dummy, Michael yipped. I shoved the needle in him and he let out a sigh of relief. Man, what a crazy day. Goodbye Michael, I miss you so fucking much.


Ghetto Vampire

Learned about this guy researching public housing vampire folklore.