Sunday, April 11, 2010

Street By Street Overview of Daly City, Part VIII: 87th Street - 92nd Street

Our neighbor down south continues to provide endless diversion. Interrupted by nearly 5 miles of forgettable and nondescript urbanity, the numbered streets of the Mission District reappear 57 blocks later where we find an oasis of hidden gems:

•87th Street - Tran's Donuts, alleged inventor of the 'Preggo,' a donut hole inside of a larger hollow donut hole.
•88th Street- Fred's Pizza, where triangular pizza (serves 2-3) is cut into further smaller triangles indefinitely, until you say 'stop.' Knives sharpened daily.
•89th Street - Larry's Chinese Burritos, and yes he is both.
•90th Street - Lamb of God, the only priest run discount butcher shop on the Peninsula.
•91st Street - BAA, the Broadmoor Art Institute, where the art of the canvas signature is not overlooked.
•92nd Street - The Broadmoore Old Tavern, home of the Tuesday $1.50 half steak sandwich happy hour (fries extra).

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