Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lord Have Mercy

Things dudes on the street say when an attractive woman walks by:

Good God
God Damn
Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm
Lord Have Mercy
Sweet Jesus
Oh My, oh my...
Lord, deliver me from evil

Monday, April 20, 2009

Names of Bad Neighborhoods

The Loops

The Bubbles

The Flats

South Quarry


The Future of Cool

With "cool" on its way out due to global warming and the general tendency for any word that means "excellent" to be short-lived, the next 15+ years will see the following words enter the vernacular:

Crystal - a way to say "cool" in 2010

Ice - a way to say "cool" in 2015

Cancer - a way to say "cool" in 2020

Pyramid - a way to say "cool" in 2025

Jupiter - a way to say "cool" in 2030

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hyphy Hygiene

Those unaffected by the recession may still be taking care of themselves with varying levels of costs involved:

Scrapin my grillz - brushing teeth

Pickin' some pieces - flossing

Ghost face - rice powder facial

Protectin yo stunna socks - cucumber eye treatment

Ass break dip - enema

Tippin on that earth juice - day at the hot springs

Sandin my whip pushaz - foot exfoliation treatment

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hyphy Recession Terms

With the continuation of the recession, many are looking for ways to keep the cash without sacrificing their lifestyle. Call them recessionistas, yaper saverz, gouda grippaz, or whatever you like: they know how to stay in the game, keepin it mostly tha same.

Droppin fo' cop - picking up pennies on the sidewalk

Drip sippin - drinking the remnants of others' unfinished drinks at bars and clubs

Tippin on the N - putting your car in neutral on downsloping terrain

Tappin tha well - drinking tap water instead of bottled beverages

Inking some yape - printing your own money

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sand In My Toez

Now that summer has arrived, a lot of folks are wondering, "just what's changed this year if I'm heading to the beach?" Well, not much really - the story is the same but the words in 2009 are a whole new game:

Unda sum brellz - staying out the sun for portions of the day by bringing an umbrella

Tappin that clean mud - driving the extra mile for a cleaner, more remote beach

Gamin on some grains - setting up a volleyball game with old friends or new

Rollin by that tide - not actually fully submerging yourself in the water since typically it just isn't warm enough

Changin Up The Game

Jagerbomb, Game Changer, whatever you want to call it, here's a few more ways to do it in style:

Game Changer:

Droppin a yay

Blastin two on it

Tappin back

Two on the game

Mixin up fo sho'

Scrompin vs Scrimpin

Stuff about shrimp you may not have heard yet:

Scrompin - sounds made when chewing on crunchy scrimp

Scrimpin - eating scrimp then dashing out the door

Schromp - scrimp that melts in your mouth. not much noise when chewing.

Skrimpz - scrimp print pants

Scramp - scrimp & butter

Nondescript Hood Clothing Store Names

Head Ta Toe
Gear Up
Phat Threadz
Tight Threadz
Killah Kloze

Beeper Store Names

Tha Black Box
Turn tha Page
Blowin Up
Feel tha Vibrationz