Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Philz Expansion Planz

Philz Phatties
Cheesesteak shop. Expired East Coast pastries.

El Philzolito
Burritos, tacos, etc. Chipz $0.50.

The Philzone Booth
Dive bar with free popcorn.

Thin crust pizza that cools quickly if eaten al fresco.

Porta-Potty packed smokey watering hole.

Palestinian take on upscale sausage.

converted Burger King. Upscale Cal-Med-French locavore cuisine.

Phjlz Belgian Phrjtz
Benelux cone-based appetizers.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rap Trax Part Deux: Surprise Smash Hits

Hold Up Bitch, I Gotta Tie My Shoe
Mouf Fulla Shrimps
Why U Eatin My Banana (U Muss B Crazy)
Bitch, You Ain't Even Invited (But I Want U)
Put That Raggedy Ass Pirate Costume Away Fool
Damn I Got Tha Sniffles
Yo Someone Slap The DJ
I Coulda Sworn I Left the Keys Rite Here
Mmmmm, We Ain't Ever Leaving This Buffet (Thats Right)
Weatherman, U Done Lied Again
2 Much Drama Up In Church

Rap Songs About Heaven

Rap Songs About Heaven

Tappin' Tha Gatez
Tired Uv Waitin Fo Ya Azz
Throwin My Dick Up In Sum Cloudz
Sippin On Some Angel Joose
After Lyfe Comez Anutha Lyfe
Big Ole Fat Angel Booty
I Tolt Yo Azz Biggie Ain't Up In Here Yet
Fuck Y'all, I'm Still Wearin Tha Vest