Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bro's Guide to the Mish

Yo Bros check out this new hip neighborhood, they've got it all - Mexicans, art, cheap brews, parks, bikes, and babes. It's called the Mission, aka the Mish, dummy. You never heard? Well here's the scoop:

Yo man, this place has no lines if you need to take a wiz. Plus, there's like 50 cold brews on tap. Chill vibe and cool peeps. Dope ass grub if you're growling. Don't forget to tip your bartenders!

Best burrito in the city. Period.

Classic joint with old time feel. Brings you back to the good old Mad Men days. Know what I mean, bro?

Baby Blues
Yo dude, remember that spring break in NOLA? This shit brings me back. Nuff said.

Crazy strong margs and the waitresses are hotties with rad back tats.

Babes here are way easy and dumb. Not even a challenge but whatevs.

Dude, sit down for this one. It's a fucking rooftop bar with kick ass views of downtown. What more do you want, bro? Bonus points if you spew off the roof on hipsters.

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