Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brainslip's Guide to Male Street Fashion

These days if you look like a chump you're gonna be treated like one. Tucked in shirts, loafers, briefcases - all signs to folks on the streets. Signs to beat you up and take your money.

The streets are tough - lean back a little too far, and someone's likely gonna take it as an invite to knock you over and take your money.

Walk around wearing tight ass jeans and the circulation to your head is gonna get cut off. Someone's gonna take this as an invite to give you the old street noose. You'll be waking up in the emergency room. Where's your wallet, you might ask? They took it.

Hair is protection from street thugs and huslers. Wear it short and you might as well just ask for a good beating. Walk around hatless and you walk around practically asking to be scalped. Rule number one of the streets: keep it out in the open and it will be destroyed or stolen, including your blood. Everything has a value on the streets. If you're not protecting it, someone will gladly take that prized possession off your hands.

Before you walk out of the house, think again, and remember this list of looks to keep you from trippin up.

Street smart hairdos:
ponytails, goatees, sideburns, dreadlocks, long in the back mullets, sk8r cuts

Street smart coats:
dark trenchcoats, baggy sport team jackets, army coats

Street smart lids:
fedora, kangol, newsboy, porkpie, sports caps

Street smart accessories:
skull jewelry, big chains, metal rings, bonewear

Street smart pants:
pants with multiple utility loops, widelegs, pants with chains, leather, track, army

-Brainslip Street Cru


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