Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Year In Slam Poetry...So Far

The Year In Slam Poetry...So Far

•Tonsillitis of the mind. Perpetuation of mis-classification. A cry from yonder.
•Periodization via calcification of a Plutarch whose name shall remain dark.
•Quarantine yes, but Constantine no. Arch-typical conflation is a typo of the un-stepped truth.
•Reptilian is what, is what, yes that. A vestigial orgy once wept.
•The color of taste. Saddens post-apocalyptic dramaturgists.

•Scintillation or edification. Which shall cross the swollen river's edge?
•A subtle instance of mimetic inference. A lasting ray of light.
•Lashes batted and bruised.
•Okra once. Okra twice. Never thrice. Livid yet cold.
•Callous emancipation. Vacation. A vacuum.

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