Monday, September 20, 2010

Bucketheads Vs. Spillers: Clooney's Lingo Decoded

*photo courtesty "jericl cat" flickr user

You've walked past it dozens, maybe hundreds of times. You'eve even stumbled inside, taken a seat, or instead had your seat taken. You have been to Clooneyville and it is a world unto itself, complete with its own local lingo:

Cloney's - the 15 denizens of Clooney's whose seats are reserved at all times.

Cloon-bag - one who settles their tab less than once a year.

Northerners - those who frequent the more popular bars between 16th-24th streets but occasionally accidentally visit Clooney's.

Bucketheads - those who are not welcome at Clooney's; usually end up outside with the cigarette bucket over their head.

Easterners (aka Pirates) - Raiders fans. Not welcome inside or outside of Clooney's; no exceptions, get tha hell outta here.

Spillers - patrons prone to fighting; results in spilled drinks and bloodshed; also the best customers.

Crybabies - those coming from nearby mortuaries; not the best tippers.

Passers - those who have paid a $200 fee for annual bottomless pint glass of Miller.

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