Thursday, July 1, 2010

2011: The Year Hip Hop Went Abuzz Over Bees

Not since the Wu Tang Clan "Killa Beez" phenom of the early 90s has Hip Hop seen such a marked awareness of the beauty of the bee. Is it the allure of the dance? The sweet taste of the honey? The paranoia of an African killer bee infestation? Whatever the cause, someone let the bees out. The hive hath definitely burst asunder.

New Up and Coming Artists Who'll Bee Swarmin Atcha in Tha One One:
Tha Droppa
Tha Dippa
Tha Stinga
Lil Honey Dabba
Westside Apiary Connection
Honey Comba
Swarma Kru
Yello Jackaz

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