Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diceman Rap


Every day is not nice, you roll the dice
Leave your house, slip on some ice
Fourteen years later, your bones are better
Been laying low in Miami cause it's better weather
Diceman cometh and Diceman goeth
Drew's gonna be back with jokes to showeth
My mind is clear, the ladies are near
My rhymes are wicked, hey gimme a beer
I may be a Drew but that ain't nothing new
Lox and bagels is what you gotta do
The time is now and Dice is on the prowl
Dust off the jacket with an unwanted towel
Been working on dick jokes while my kid does math
Triangles and quadrants don't make me laugh
In a couple a months I'm headed back to Queens
Sicka these palms, you know what I means?

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