Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shoeshining: The Sho' Nuff Guide to the Spit n Buff

The shoeshine. A treat. A foot massage with visible afterglow. Every major city has its shiners. They set up in the usual spots. Downtown, train payment areas, lobbies, pedestrian promenades, major airports, etc. Surprisingly, technique varies greatly by region. How does your city shine?

•D.C. Down-And-Out Double Dust (spit, buff, forehead sweat, re-buff)
•Salt Lake City Brine Shine (spit, salt cleanse, polish, buff)
•Hartford Halfer (half price non-invasive surface buff, light polish, light re-buff)
•Lynchberg Lick-N-Stick (spit applied with tongue, polish, buff)
•Rochester Rough Ride (sandpaper resurface, mineral oil, buff, polish, buff)

•Pasadena Parade of Polish (polish, buff, polish, buff, spit, rose petal dusting, polish, buff)
•San Jose Chip-N-Dip (silicon sandpaper resurface, spit, polish, buff, LCD coat)
•Worcester Confidence Booster (spit, mill axle grease, buff, heavy pat on the back)
•Burmingham Boogie Woogie Buffup (spit, polish, buff, re-spit, mink-skin re-buff)
•Talahasse Tar Touchup (light tar coat, buff)

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